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30% Club Malaysia Appoints PwC’s Nurul A’in Abdul Latif As New Chair

KUALA LUMPUR: The 30% Club Malaysia has appointed Nurul A’in Abdul Latif as its new Chair.

Photo:The 30% Club Malaysia has appointed Nurul A’in Abdul Latif as its new Chair.

Nurul A’in is currently the executive chair and an assurance partner at PwC Malaysia.

In this role, Nurul A’in will lead the drive to advance women leaders on corporate boards and management teams in Malaysia.

30% Club Malaysia founding chair Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar welcomed Nurul A’in as the new chair and expressed confidence that she will continue to drive the club’s mission with vigour and determination, refining strategies for achieving gender balance in boardrooms while fostering a culture of inclusivity.

“This partnership with PwC Malaysia as our new corporate sponsor underscores the vital role that local corporations play in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

“Our journey towards achieving true parity is a long one. Our campaign favours aspirational stretch targets, viewing sustainable change as a collective endeavour that demands holistic solutions at every stage of the talent lifecycle,” Zarina said in a statement.

Based on data provided by the Securities Commission Malaysia, as of January 1, 2024, women hold 30.9 per cent of board seats in the top 100 public-listed companies (PLCs) and 25.6 per cent of seats in all PLCs on Bursa Malaysia.

“Since our inception in 2015, we have embarked on a dedicated journey towards
DEI to enhance female representation on boards and management of Malaysian PLCs.

“The achievement of the 30 per cent minimum threshold for the top 100 PLCs in June 2023 is a significant milestone, providing greater impetus to our drive for parity in the boardroom.

“The 30 per cent is not a ceiling. It is the minimum, a tipping point towards achieving true parity in boardrooms and C-suites, recognising talented and competent women by ensuring an equal playing field,” said Zarina.

Nurul A’in said promoting inclusion and diversity has always been an important part of PwC’s values and strategy.

“I am honoured to take on this role at 30% Club Malaysia and work alongside the many volunteer advocates to garner support from business leaders in Malaysia, in the mission to continue improving inclusivity on company boards and senior management levels.

“With the global allocation of capital towards quality, diverse and inclusive companies, Malaysia needs to be well-positioned to promote the investability of our leading listed companies.

“The case for inclusion and diversity on boards and senior management goes beyond financial returns. Today’s companies are faced with the pressure to transform, driven by technological disruption, environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations and rapidly changing consumer preferences.

“Diversity, especially at decision-making levels, makes room for the range of perspectives, experience and knowledge needed to differentiate themselves for long-term business sustainability,” she said.

Central to addressing the challenges that women directors face in gaining visibility in the board circles is the 30% Club Malaysia’s Board Mentoring Scheme (BMS).

Established in collaboration with PwC Malaysia in 2017, the BMS has provided invaluable guidance to 106 senior women leaders across eight cohorts.

41 per cent of mentees have secured board roles in PLCs, SMEs, and industry associations to date.

“While we have achieved 30% of women in the top 100 PLCs, we need to close this gap for PLCs in Malaysia overall.

“However, it’s incredibly important women who take on positions on boards are willing and able to contribute positively to organisations’ growth.

“I look forward to driving greater engagement with business leaders to be advocates for gender parity in their own networks, mobilise greater collective action across public and private institutions to build a more inclusive business environment, and expand our quality, board-ready women pipeline for our PLCs,” Nurul A’in said.

The 30% Club Malaysia is committed to driving top-down collective action, galvanising stakeholders across sectors with corporate advocates and partners’ support to accelerate progress towards a more inclusive future.

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