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30 Years of Bringing Communities Together through Tiger Sin Chew Chinese Education Charity Concert

PETALING JAYA:  Heineken Malaysia Berhad (HEINEKEN Malaysia) has launched the 2024 edition of the Tiger Sin Chew Chinese Education Charity Concert (Tiger Sin Chew CECC). Celebrating its 30th anniversary, this long-standing social impact initiative, a collaboration between Tiger Beer and Sin Chew Daily, continues to unite communities for a greater cause in the spirit of true togetherness.

YB Tuan Wong Kah Woh, Malaysia’s Deputy Education Minister (sixth from the left), along with the HEINEKEN Malaysia management team and the Sin Chew Daily team, posing to celebrate the launch of the Tiger Sin Chew CECC 2024

Since its inception in 1994, Tiger Sin Chew CECC has raised over RM407 million for more than 540 schools nationwide. These funds have significantly improved educational institutions by upgrading their facilities and technology, enhancing the learning environment, and leaving a lasting impact on future generations.

During the launch, Malaysia’s Deputy Education Minister, YB Tuan Wong Kah Woh, expressed his gratitude: “I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to Heineken Malaysia Berhad, Tiger Beer, and Sin Chew Daily for their steadfast commitment to this important cause. For 30 years, their efforts have not only improved educational access and quality for students but also brought our communities together, fostering a sense of unity and collective purpose. Thank you for showing us that the spirit of community and support for education is stronger than ever.”

The 2024 Tiger Sin Chew CECC will kick off in July, featuring a new collaboration with trade partners. Local coffee shops and food courts across the country will host Fundraiser Nights to complement the 10 charity concerts scheduled between July and October, further strengthening community ties.

Roland Bala, Managing Director of HEINEKEN Malaysia, shared, “For 30 years, the Tiger Sin Chew Chinese Education Charity Concert has fostered a strong community spirit, harnessing the joy of true togetherness to unite people for a good cause. At HEINEKEN Malaysia, we know that we can only thrive if our people, the planet, and the communities around us thrive. We are committed to giving back, supporting, and actively engaging with local communities to create a better future for all.”

“This year, we’re adding a special twist to Tiger Sin Chew CECC by teaming up with our trade partners to host Fundraiser Nights. We are also grateful for the dedication and commitment of Sin Chew Daily over the past three decades. Thank you to all who have contributed with extraordinary generosity. We are truly inspired and look forward to continuing this programme for the benefit of our local communities. Cheers to 30 years of Tiger Sin Chew Chinese Education Charity Concert, and more to come!”

The 2024 Tiger Sin Chew CECC aims to raise RM15 million through ten concerts for the following 11 institutions:

  1. SMJK Chan Wa II, Seremban: Construction of an audio-visual auditorium and a multipurpose hall.
  2. SJKC Tche Min, Sungai Pelek: Building a new multipurpose school hall.
  3. Chinese High School, Batu Pahat: Providing grants-in-aid to support needy students.
  4. SJKC Cheow Min, Pontian: Upgrading school facilities, including 16 smart classrooms, a library, three English language centres, and a rain cover for the school’s bus stop and basketball court.
  5. SJKC Aik Thee, Kuala Selangor: Constructing an administrative building, a school canteen, and a slip road leading to the school hall.
  6. SJKC Kampung Baru Mambau, Seremban: Enhancing school facilities in conjunction with its 98th anniversary.
  7. SJKC Thorburn, Skudai: Building two basketball court shelters, a container classroom for student activities, and upgrading computer hardware for smart classes.
  8. SJKC Jagoh, Segamat: Upgrading the school hall and existing smart classrooms and rejuvenating school facilities.
  9. Shen Jai High School, Ipoh: Supporting broader infrastructure development.
  10. SJKC Ching Chong, Semeling & SJKC Peng Min, Tikam Baru: Jointly raising funds to build a preschool to increase student enrolment.

Koo Cheng, Executive Director/CEO of Sin Chew Daily, remarked, “We are proud to celebrate our longstanding partnership with HEINEKEN Malaysia, spanning three decades and counting. Reflecting on the years gone by, it’s encouraging to see the impact we’ve achieved together through Tiger Sin Chew Chinese Education Charity Concerts. We look forward to continuing this journey with HEINEKEN Malaysia, elevating education, and nurturing the spirit of unity and generosity across the communities.”

In the spirit of true togetherness, join Tiger Sin Chew CECC’s efforts to make a positive impact on communities. Members of the public can get involved by attending the charity concerts, participating in fundraising activities, and supporting the trade partners’ fundraisers.

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