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Airbus Reiterates Commitment to Malaysia’s Defence Industry

KUALA LUMPUR: Airbus reiterates Malaysia’s significance as a crucial market for its military helicopters, defense, and Space sectors, underscoring its unwavering commitment to fortifying its established foothold within the country. During discussions at the Defence Services Asia exhibition, Airbus executives emphasized Malaysia’s pivotal role as a primary clientele across its commercial aircraft, helicopter, defense, and Space divisions.

L-R: Burhanudin Noordin Ali, Airbus Chief Representative – Malaysia; Vincent Dubrule, Head of Asia-Pacific, Airbus Helicopters; Anand Stanley, President Airbus Asia-Pacific and Zakir Hamid, Head of As

As a strategic ally to Malaysia, Airbus has fostered robust industrial collaborations that have contributed substantially to the local economy. The aerospace giant aims to further enhance existing partnerships and investments within the local framework. This initiative includes the establishment of a third helicopter full flight simulator in Subang, slated to commence operations in 2026.

Acknowledging Malaysia’s escalating demand for new helicopter assets to bolster national defense and security, Airbus is aligning its capabilities to accommodate this surge. The versatile H225M helicopters stand ready to fulfill various mission requirements, including special operations, combat search and rescue, and tactical transport. Notably, the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) currently operates 12 H225Ms for both military and humanitarian missions.

With a focus on replacing aging assets, particularly in roles like law enforcement, Airbus advocates the H135 as an optimal solution. This model, widely acclaimed globally, boasts over 1,500 units in service, including approximately 200 deployed for law enforcement purposes worldwide.

Furthermore, Airbus anticipates addressing the region’s escalating demand for enhanced capabilities and the modernization of military transports. The company stands prepared to furnish Malaysia with a robust mixed fleet comprising A400M and C295 aircraft, capable of meeting both strategic and tactical needs. Currently, the RMAF operates four A400M aircraft for strategic airlift, while the C295 complements the A400M, fulfilling tactical airlift requirements.

In the realm of Space, Airbus’ enduring partnership with the Malaysian Space Agency (MYSA) has flourished since 1998, encompassing satellite imagery, systems, and services. Malaysia boasts unique infrastructure enabling the reception of telemetry from SPOT, Pléiades, and TerraSAR-X satellites. Additionally, Airbus-built satellites MEASAT-3b and MEASAT-3d deliver broadband connectivity to remote areas lacking terrestrial networks.

Addressing maritime security concerns, Airbus collaborates with the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) through its STYRIS coastal surveillance solution, supporting vital surveillance operations along the Straits of Malacca and East Malaysia for the past 15 years.

Anand Stanley, President of Airbus Asia-Pacific, expressed optimism regarding the enduring partnership with Malaysian stakeholders. As the aerospace sector in the region continues to flourish, Airbus is committed to expanding its local footprint and fostering deeper collaborations.

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