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Atour Unveils Sustainability Records in 2023 With Milestone ESG Report

SHANGHAI: Atour Lifestyle Holdings Ltd, a leading hospitality and lifestyle company in China, has released its inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report for 2023, underscoring the company’s sustainability efforts over the past year and reflects the steady integration of ESG principles into its day-to-day operations.

In essence, Atour is committed to reducing waste and making its operations more ecologically friendly. This is reflected in the company’s approach toward refurbishment and resource conservation.

During the reporting period, Atour launched two new products, Atour Light 3.0 and Atour 4.0 ‘With Nature’, a midscale hotel offering and an upper midscale variation.

They underwent refurbishment using modular designs, with modular elements accounting for over 90% and 80% of the overall designs, respectively. This initiative significantly reduces maintenance costs and non-essential construction waste.

Sustainability practices extend beyond decoration. Atour hotels now are equipped with less carbon-intensive amenities, such as 100% biodegradable paper cups, as well as natural cotton beddings and natural bamboo paper products manufactured without bleach or fluorescents, easing the burden on the environment.

Additionally, Atour promotes water conservation across some of its 1,210 hotels (as of the end of last year) using the dedicated-loop system for circulating hot water, resulting in a reduction of 12.67 tons of water consumption per room annually.

Atour prioritizes customer experience, introducing innovations from Atour APLUS services to Late Night Congee to ensure customers feel at home during their stays. Customers can expect a carefree experience and peace of mind, thanks to Atour’s commitment to purified indoor air, fire safety, cleanliness, hygiene, and strict user privacy protection.

Moreover, Atour has reinforced its support for franchisees through its ‘6 Commitments to Franchisees’ and ‘8 Supply Chain Procurement Commitments,’ empowering them with a responsible supply network, rights guarantees, as well as training on sustainability.

Originating from Yaduo, a remote village in southwestern China, Atour has consistently given back to its place of inspiration by encouraging local villagers to grow tea, fueling economic development and rural revitalisation.

As the report indicates, Atour purchased a cumulative 150 tons of processed tea leaves worth CN¥37 million from the villagers, benefiting some 1,400 households. As part of its charitable engagements, it also donated a batch of clothes with a value of around CN¥2 million to the needy and supported targeted poverty alleviation efforts.

In urban areas, Atour contributes to societal well-being by offering resting places in its Shanghai headquarters for frontline workers such as couriers, delivery rider, and sanitation workers during their downtime.

10 years after its birth, Atour prides itself on creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace for its employees. Currently, over 58% of its 4,248 employees are female, and the company employs 17 people with physical disabilities and 162 members of ethnic minorities.

On the corporate governance front, Atour has established an ESG working group tasked to report directly to its Executive Committee. The ultimate goal is to implement a coherent sustainability strategy throughout its corporate hierarchy, thereby embedding ESG concepts into Atour’s mission and core values.

Recognising board diversity as a pillar for sustained growth, Atour aims to include factors like one’s gender, age, culture and professional background when nominating future board members. Currently, there are three independent directors and two female directors on the eight-member board.

In aligning with its strategic vision to boast a network of 2,000 premier hotels by 2025 and deliver the optimum ‘Chinese experience’, Atour is set to invest more resources and energies in the realm of ESG.

‘Looking ahead, we aim to enhance our sustainable development initiatives and capacities consistently, turning our original aspirations of warmth and generosity into increased resilience through concrete measures,’ said Atour Founder and CEO Haijun Wang.

“We remain committed to creating an intimate ambience where people can warmly connect and contribute to a greener ecology and a kinder, more compassionate society,” he added.

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