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Embark on a Sustainable Journey with JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong

HONG KONG: JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong prioritizes the planet while delivering unparalleled guest experiences. The hotel is dedicated to enhancing positive environmental and social impacts through its daily operations, inspiring guests to embrace greener living with a variety of initiatives. A comprehensive sustainability program has been implemented across guestrooms, meeting spaces, and dining offerings.

A Green Stay Experience
Guests are invited to experience eco-friendly travel during their stay at JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, contributing to the hotel’s efforts to reduce environmental impacts. Key sustainable measures in the guestrooms include:

-Waste Reduction: The hotel offers paperless solutions such as digital check-in/out, online newspapers and magazines, and digital in-room dining menus. Plastic bottled water and amenities are replaced with sustainable alternatives, and water dispensers are provided in public areas to reduce waste.

– Recycling Programme: Recycling bins are available in guestrooms and staff areas. Leftover soap bars are sent to social enterprises, used furniture and equipment are donated to non-profits, and guests can use recyclable coffee capsules and biodegradable tea bags.

-Energy and Water Saving: Rooms feature digital thermostats with energy-efficient modulating valves and faucet flow regulators. Guests are encouraged to conserve water by reusing towels and linens. Over 95% of the hotel’s lighting is energy-efficient LED.

– Accessible Location: The hotel is conveniently located downtown, directly connected to the Admiralty MTR station, promoting sustainable commuting and reducing carbon footprints.

The ‘Stay Green at JW’ package merges luxury with sustainability, offering a comfortable stay, daily breakfast, reusable stainless steel water bottles, a reusable tote bag, and dining credits at Fish Bar, where sustainable seafood and beverages are served.

Sustainable Meeting Solutions
JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong integrates sustainability into event planning, providing eco-conscious solutions for low-carbon meetings and events:

– Paperless Events: The hotel uses digital signage, screens, projectors, and QR code menus to reduce paper use. The JW Marriott Ballroom features LED walls for presentations and backdrops.

-Eco-friendly Water Solutions: Plastic bottled water is replaced with recyclable aluminum bottles, and meeting delegates are encouraged to bring their own containers to refill at dispensers.

-Green Food and Beverage:The culinary team sources sustainable, local ingredients, offering plant-based menus and donating food waste to local charities or recycling it into energy.

– Energy Saving: Venues like Executive Meeting Suites and the newly launched PRESIDEN room feature natural daylight to reduce energy consumption.

The ‘Meet Green at JW’ package includes a green menu, reusable water bottles, and a central stationery desk, with full-day and half-day meeting options available.

Sustainable Gastronomy
The restaurants and bars at JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong combine culinary excellence with sustainability, focusing on responsible sourcing, food waste management, and eco-friendly operations:

– Responsible Sourcing: Menus prioritize sustainable and organic ingredients, local produce, ocean-friendly seafood, cage-free eggs, and locally farmed vegetables. Eco-friendly beverages like ecoSPIRITS and Belu filtered water are available.

– JW Garden: Herbs grown in the hotel’s JW Garden are incorporated into dishes and cocktails, enhancing the culinary experience with fresh ingredients.

– Food Waste Management: Chefs develop innovative recipes using all parts of the food, and surplus food is donated to local charities. Food waste is recycled into energy through the Food Waste Collection Scheme.

– Eco-Conscious Operations:Digital menus, portioned meals, and biodegradable takeaway packaging are some of the steps taken by the hotel’s restaurants to operate sustainably.

The Fish Bar, an alfresco seafood restaurant, reopened in spring 2024 with a focus on sustainable dining, reflected in its design, food, and operations.

As the world faces severe environmental challenges, JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong remains dedicated to championing sustainable values and engaging guests in actions for a greener future.

For more information, visit the hotel’s website or contact them at +852 2810 8366.

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