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Google Trims Workforce, Relocates Jobs Internationally in Cost-Cutting Push

KUALA LUMPUR: Alphabet-owned Google spokesperson announced on Wednesday that the company is reducing its workforce.

Google has emailed employees about organisational changes involving expanding operations to Bangalore, Mexico City, and Dublin.

According to a news report, the number of employees affected by this decision has not been disclosed, and the specific teams involved have not been identified.

The spokesperson clarified that the layoffs are not across the entire company and that those impacted can seek other positions within Google.

A few of the affected roles will be relocated to key locations where the company focuses its investments, such as India, Chicago, Atlanta, and Dublin.

The report further said that Google’s recent job reductions are part of a broader trend of layoffs within the tech and media sectors this year, intensifying concerns that job cuts may persist as businesses navigate economic challenges.

A Google spokesperson explained, “In the latter half of 2023 and 2024, various teams have restructured to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, reduce hierarchical layers, and better allocate resources to key product areas.”

According to a report by Business Insider on Wednesday, the layoffs have impacted multiple teams at Google, particularly within its real estate and finance departments.

The finance areas affected include treasury, business services, and revenue cash operations.

Business Insider also noted that Google’s finance head, Ruth Porat, emailed employees about organisational changes involving expanding operations to Bangalore, Mexico City, and Dublin.

In January, Google dismissed hundreds of employees from various departments, including engineering, hardware, and assistant teams, as it escalated its focus on artificial intelligence development.

Google chief executive officer Sundar Pichai has indicated to staff earlier this year that additional layoffs are to be expected.

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