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Hikvision Releases Its 6th ESG Report, Emphasising Commitment to ‘Tech for Good’

HANGZHOU: Hikvision has published its ‘2023 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report’, disclosing its ESG practices and performance for the sixth consecutive year.

The report offers a comprehensive look at Hikvision’s focus on sustainability and its ESG priorities and actions, reaffirming the company’s commitment to fulfilling corporate social responsibility with innovative and sustainable technologies.

“Practicing the ethos of ‘Tech for Good’, adhering to pragmatism, and exploring ‘green’ transformation, Hikvision leverages our products to deliver the value of sustainable development,” said its Chief Compliance Officer and Senior Vice President, Huang Fanghong.

“We firmly believe that together with the momentum of digital transformation and technological advancements, we will attain stable and sustainable growth,” he added.

With the belief that technologies play a pivotal role in promoting overall well-being, Hikvision has formulated an ESG management framework with ‘Tech for Good’ as its core.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Hikvision endeavored to protect historical relics, prevent water and air pollution, as well as enhance efficiency and productivity in manufacturing.

Moreover, the company has contributed to providing more educational resources for children in remote areas, ensuring abundant apple harvests, and safeguarding wildlife, fulfilling its part to further the aspiration to build a better world.

Apart from giving back to the society with innovative technologies, Hikvision places great emphasis on integrity and compliance, low-carbon development, and harmonious relationships with employees, partners, and communities, integrating these principles into its ESG management framework.

Some highlights during the reporting period include:

  • The company released the Hikvision Global Human Rights Policy, embedding the respect for human rights in the company’s governance and operations.
  • Hikvision formulated and introduced the Management Procedure for Greenhouse Gas Emissions, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and promote low-carbon operations.
  • Hikvision further integrated eco-friendly principles into the process of product R&D, design, packaging and utilisation. By acquiring carbon footprint verifications of representative products, the company evaluated the GHG emissions throughout those products’ life cycles for continuous improvement.
  • While promoting energy savings, Hikvision also proactively advanced the procurement of green power. In 2023, around 12,533.7 MWh of power was generated by photovoltaic (PV) systems deployed in the company’s manufacturing bases.
  • Hikvision continued to drive sustainable development through innovation, winning 1,884 invention patents in 2023. The R&D investment of the company reached C¥11.39 billion (RM7.42 billion), up 16.08% year-over-year.
  • Adhering to responsible procurement, Hikvision continuously enhanced supplier management. 100% of the new suppliers of the company were screened using the environmental and social criteria.
  • Hikvision provided its employees with a series of trainings to support their personal and professional development, with total training time reaching 1,534,482 hours.
  • Hikvision employees engaged actively in volunteer activities, collectively dedicating over 20,000 service hours.

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