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Huawei Launches F5G-A Products and Solutions to Enable Industrial Intelligence in APAC

BANGKOK: During the recent Global Optical Summit (GOS) that was organised by Huawei in Bangkok, Huawei launched a series of F5G Advanced (F5G-A) products and solutions for the Asia Pacific region, and initiated OptiX Club member recruitment event worldwide, enabling industrial intelligence within the region.

In the opening speech, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd Optical Business Product Line President Bob Chen said, “Optical connectivity and sensing have been the cornerstones of intelligent industry transformation.

“Industrial intelligence brings 3 trends to the optical industry: fibre-in copper-out, fgOTN-in SDH-out, and optical-sensing-in hard-work-out. Huawei has been deeply engaged in the industry and continuously explores innovative optical technologies to enable industrial intelligence.”

Meanwhile, Huawei President of Enterprise Optical Business Domain Gavin Gu said “Industrial intelligence brings three new trends to the optical industry. F5G-A shows us a clear technology evolution roadmap for these trends. I believe that with the joint efforts of customers, partners, and Huawei, we will achieve win-win results in industrial intelligence.”

Homes and campuses are embracing “fibre-in copper-out”, with copper cables needing to be replaced by optical fibres. Home broadband technologies are developing from fibre to the home (FTTH) to fibre to the room (FTTR), providing the ultimate experience for home digital life.

Against this backdrop, Huawei launched the ISP’s all-optical target network for the FTTR era.

For “fiber-in copper-out” on campus networks, Huawei launched the next-generation FTTO 2.0 Solution, in which Huawei uses XGS-PON Pro and Wi-Fi 7 technologies to upgrade bandwidth, networking, and O&M, achieving 12.5/25G to rooms and 10G to APs so as to build a green 10 Gbps all-optical campus.

In addition, Huawei launched the industry’s first 50G POL solution for commercial use, satisfying the requirements of high-performance campus scenarios.

For “fgOTN-in SDH-out” in the electric power and transportation industries, Huawei launched the industry’s first all-optical communication network solution that supports fgOTN standards, building a solid and reliable communication network for the industry.

In the third trend of “optical-sensing-in hard-work-out”, intelligent remote operation is leveraged to drastically reduce the amount of manual onsite workload, enabling employees to move from outdoor sites to offices in scenarios including smart transportation and perimeter inspection.

Huawei integrates sensing capabilities of vision, radar, and optical fibres with the advanced intelligent model to build an industry-leading multi-dimensional sensing solution, facilitating production and operations.

At the summit, Huawei released Installation Process and Construction Guidance for Passive Optical LAN and fgOTN Technical white paper to further empower customers and partners, promote industry standardization of all-optical networks, and accelerate application implementation.

Huawei also announced the initiation of the OptiX Club member recruitment event worldwide. By building industry technical communities, Huawei aims to promote regional industry data intelligence.

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