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KL Wellness City Poised To Be A Global Health, Wellness Epicentre

KUALA LUMPUR: The KL Wellness City is well-positioned to be the regional wellness epicentre and to attract medical tourists globally.

KL Wellness City director for branding, sales and marketing Datuk Sri Dr Vincent Tiew said the township will host total modern and complementary medicine practices.

Apart from offering global-class medical services, KL Wellness City also aims to advocate, promote, encourage, and invite three other components of medical practices, namely alternative and integrative medicine, to set up clinics within the 26.5-acre township.

KL Wellness City director for branding, sales and marketing Datuk Sri Dr Vincent Tiew said the township will host total modern and complementary medicine practices.

“It’s called traditional and complementary medicine (T&CM), a big department in the Ministry of Health.

“T&CM includes traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), traditional Indian medicine practices such as ayurvedics, and Malay and Balinese practices.

“Apart from our international tertiary hospital in KL Wellness City, poised to be among the top three in Southeast Asia, we will also have T&CM components in the township,” he told The Exchange Asia.

Tiew said the international tertiary hospital in KL Wellness City invites and encourages other components of medical and medicine practices and healthcare specialists to come and set up their clinics.

“We are building the commercial component, The Nobel Healthcare Park @ KL Wellness City , right next to our hospital, which has 22 operating theatres.

“Nobel Healthcare Park allows doctors, surgeons, specialists to privately own clinics. Here, they will own the clinics because, generally, 90 per cent of the doctors now in all the private hospitals can only rent the room or the clinic; they do not own the clinic,” Tiew said.

Elaborating further, Tiew said KL Wellness City development completed phase one, targeted to Malaysian doctors.

“Phase two also targets Malaysian doctors. In particular, our target is specialist doctors. So, with the specialist doctors, we wanted the community, the medical doctors themselves, to set up and run their clinics within our township,” he said.

“At this juncture, we are not targeting foreign doctors. However, in the last year, we have had a lot of enquiries from doctors from Singapore and Australia,” he said.

Tiew also said Malaysia’s healthcare tourism industry is booming, and KL Wellness City wants to be a major player.

He said that with cutting-edge technology, world-class facilities, and a focus on patient care, KL Wellness City is becoming a major player in the global health and wellness tourism market.

KL Wellness City, launched in June last year, is an RM11 billion gross development value project covering 26.49 acres in Bukit Jalil.

The development is designed to be a one-stop township for health and well-being.

It will have a 12-storey international-class hospital, specialist clinics, labs for developing new treatments, facilities for researching new medical ideas, office buildings for healthcare companies, a place for retirees to live, and much more.

The world-class medical and wellness hub to cater to domestic and international healthcare and medical services will feature centres of excellence across areas, including cardiology, spine health, neuro health, sports medicine, cosmetic surgery, and fertility.

The development will also include assisted living apartments and a large park in the centre for exercise and recreational activities.

The township will host 55 retail suites and 50,000 sq ft of business suites, while the healthcare park houses 379 medical suites.

With Internet of Things (IoT) integration, Tiew previously said that the KL Wellness City KLWC is designed to be IoT-ready and is committed to connectivity.

He said the township enhances the patient-centric experience for local and international healthcare tourists and aligns with the Ministry of Health’s vision for a digitally transformed healthcare system.

Construction for the KL International Hospital (KLIH) and Nobel Healthcare Park has reached a significant milestone, with all groundwork—earthwork, piling, and substructure completed.

This paves the way for the exciting commencement of KLIH’s superstructure works in the second quarter of 2024.

This rapid progress signifies KLWC’s commitment to propelling Malaysia’s healthcare tourism industry.

The company aims to capture a significant share of the projected RM1.7 billion revenue in 2024.

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