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Malaysian Trade Industry on the Rise as of March 2024, Up 5% From 2023

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s total trade for March 2024 amounted to RM244.5 billion with exports and imports recorded RM128.6 billion and RM115.8 billion, respectively as reported by the Department of Statistics (DOSM).

The total amount of trade has increased 5% year-on-year compared to RM232.7 billion in March 2023.

Chief Statistician Malaysia Dato’ Sri Dr Mohd Uzir Mahidin said exports were valued at RM128.6 billion in March 2024 decreased RM1 billion (-0.8%) as compared to the same month of the previous year.

The decrease in exports was attributed to the lower exports in most states such as Selangor (-RM2.1 billion), WP Labuan (-RM1.6 billion), Melaka (-RM686.2 million), Sabah (-RM443.8 million), Sarawak (-RM260.9 million), Pulau Pinang (-RM129.8 million), Negeri Sembilan (-RM118.5 million), Johor (-RM44.6 million) and Perlis (-RM27 million).

However, exports increased in Perak by RM1.5 billion, WP Kuala Lumpur (+RM1.3 billion), Terengganu (+RM929.9 million), Pahang (+RM522 million), Kedah (+RM151.7 million) and Kelantan (+RM36.2 million).

Pulau Pinang remained as the top exporter with 32% share, followed by Johor (20%), Selangor (16.9%), Sarawak (8.1%) and WP Kuala Lumpur (4.5%).

Looking at the performance of imports by state, Mohd Uzir said imports in March 2024 increased RM12.9 billion (+12.5%) as compared to the same month in 2023.

The increase in imports was attributed to the higher imports in most states such as Johor (+RM8.2 billion), Melaka (+RM1.6 billion), Negeri Sembilan (+RM1.2 billion), WP Kuala Lumpur (+RM1 billion), Selangor (+RM996.7 million), Kedah (+RM419.7 million), Pahang (+RM152.6 million), Terengganu (+RM92.1 million), Kelantan (+RM71 million), Sabah (+RM55.5 million) and WP Labuan (+RM30.3 million).

However, imports decreased in Pulau Pinang by RM521.9 million, Perak (-RM393.8 million), Sarawak (-RM115.9 million) and Perlis (-RM6.8 million).

Johor dominates Malaysia’s imports with a share of 27.9%, followed by Selangor (23.6%), Pulau Pinang (19.2%), WP Kuala Lumpur (7.5%) and Kedah (5%).

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