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M’sian Enterprises Urged to Make AI Top Priority

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian enterprises are encouraged to prioritise responsible artificial intelligence (AI) to fully tap into the potential benefits of generative AI and its innovations, according to the AI and analytics platform provider SAS Institute Inc.

Amir Sohrabi

Its Regional Vice President and Head of Digital Transformation for Emerging Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Amir Sohrabi emphasised the importance of business leaders to prioritise responsible AI, whether they are already implementing AI use cases or are still in the planning phase.

He said organisations need to recognise that ensuring responsible AI is a collective responsibility involving all stakeholders in an AI system.

“(Effective) oversight must be spearheaded by the executive management team, focused on ensuring that responsible and trustworthy AI is a top priority across the board.

“By closely monitoring and auditing AI operations, organisations can quickly identify and address any issues, thereby proactively mitigating concerns before they escalate,” Amir said.

Citing a MyDigital report, he pointed out that generative AI has the potential to unlock US$113.4 billion (RM541.37 billion) in productive capacity in the Malaysian economy, equivalent to one-quarter of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2022.

The Malaysian government has also planned to introduce a framework for governing AI and establishing ethical guidelines, given the increasing adoption of AI by various organisations.

According to Amir, the regulations aim to promote innovation by creating a conducive environment, addressing risks and promoting ethical and responsible AI use.

He further highlighted that responsible AI practices enhance human well-being, safeguard personal data and avoid discrimination. The foundation for such features lies in transparency and accountability, but unfortunately, many organisations deploying AI systems struggle to uphold these principles.

“Taking proactive measures will not just reduce risks, but also enhance cyber resilience, ultimately positioning Malaysian organisations to thrive in the AI scene,” he said.


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