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NSG BioLabs Partners With EnterpriseSG and Merck to Fuel Biotech Innovation

SINGAPORE: NSG BioLabs announces partnerships with Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG), the Singapore government agency championing enterprise development, and Merck, a leading science and technology company, to bolster the biotech landscape by providing needed resources such as funding, expertise and networks to advance startup research and development.

Being Singapore’s largest provider of biotech co-working laboratory and office space, the company also successfully concluded a US$14.5 million (RM68.6 million) financing round led by Celadon Partners, an Asian private equity firm, and ClavystBio, a life science investor and venture builder set up by Temasek to accelerate the commercialisation of breakthrough ideas to health impact.

With these fresh funds, NSG BioLabs intends to enhance its products and services and introduce additional facilities to meet the growing demands of biotech startups and multinational companies in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

These achievements reaffirm NSG BioLabs’ strength and expertise in providing high-quality, well-managed, and turnkey Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) certified laboratory and office spaces.

Since 2019, NSG BioLabs has been assisting innovators in creating impactful solutions in the health, biomedical, agrifood, and industrial biotechnology sectors, working in areas such as precision medicine, nucleic acids, AI-enabled drug discovery, and synthetic biology.

With the largest co-working biotech laboratory and office footprint in Singapore, coupled with extensive networks with partners, suppliers and industry experts, NSG BioLabs has helped over 40 companies as residents.

The company’s residents include several multi-billion-dollar multinationals as well as many promising startups that have achieved key milestones. The startup residents alone have successfully raised nearly US$400 million (RM1.89 billion) in funding and supported hundreds of jobs.

“Our partnerships with EnterpriseSG and Merck signify the importance of a collaborative spirit, and we hope to spur greater collaboration among other stakeholders to benefit the biotech industry in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region,” NSG BioLabs CEO and Founder Daphne Teo.

NSG BioLabs’ renewed partnership with EnterpriseSG aims to invest in and nurture more high-potential biotech startups, in particular, expanding support for those with promising innovations in fields such as precision medicine, with the aim of fast-tracking the development and commercialisation of such deep tech solutions.

“Singapore’s biotech landscape has evolved significantly, with a burgeoning community of global startups and doubled healthtech deals in 2023. EnterpriseSG will continue to work with industry partners like NSG BioLabs to drive the development of new deep tech innovations such as AI-enabled platforms and targeted therapies by providing patient capital, infrastructure and expertise. This will strengthen Singapore’s edge in precision medicine and revolutionise healthcare delivery,” said EnterpriseSG Director of Healthcare and Biomedical Dr Clarice Chen.

“As the Southeast Asia biotech sector experiences tremendous growth driven by healthcare needs, we are confident that NSG BioLabs’ innovative co-working model can offer compelling solutions for biotech startups and companies across the region. NSG BioLabs’ dedication to empowering companies to fast-track their research and development efforts is commendable,” said Donald Tang, Managing Partner at Celadon Partners.

To further enable its residents to develop, grow and scale-up, NSG BioLabs has secured a partnership with Merck to provide its residents with special terms for Merck’s reagents, and equipment in life sciences. The partnership also includes preferential access to biopharma processing expertise and consultation for scaling-up production.

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