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QGB Set For Strong Performance In Core Segments, Eyes New Markets

KUALA LUMPUR: Qew Group Berhad (QGB), an investment holding company with a strong presence in Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and London, is well-positioned for significant growth in its three core business areas – consultancy and advisory services, telecommunications, and real estate development. 

“QGB’s visionary strategy showcases commitment to both established success and exciting expansion. “By focusing on core businesses while venturing into new sectors, QGB ensures sustainable growth alongside impactful social responsibility, positioning themselves for a future that benefits all,” Dr Muhamad Iqbal told The Exchange Asia.

Built upon strong relationships with its shareholders and stakeholders, QGB’s success is leveraged on these partnerships, providing the company with valuable resources and support, allowing it to navigate complex markets and pursue ambitious goals.  

Additionally, QGB’s commitment to expanding existing businesses into new and competitive markets opens doors to exciting opportunities for future development. 

QGB’s expertise in various sectors, including mining, healthcare, and partnering services, combined with its strategic partnerships and focus on market expansion, positions the company for a prosperous future.  

By leveraging these strengths, QGB is poised to make a significant impact in the years to come. 

Led by its founder and executive chairman Datuk Dr Muhamad Iqbal Mohamad, QGB focuses on its primary goal – to tap into various lucrative opportunities and deliver consistent returns and long-term capital gains for its investors and shareholders.     

More strategically, QGB continues setting its pace in the future with a comprehensive strategy with its plan, aptly named ‘Bright Future’, ‘Big Future’, and ‘Benevolent Future,’ outlining three key pillars that will guide its development in the years to come. 

The Bright Future pillar focuses on driving growth in QGB’s telecommunications and real estate development businesses. These established sectors provide a strong foundation for the company’s future success. 

The Big Future pillar ventures into new and exciting territories, encompassing QGB’s investments in mining and healthcare. These sectors hold immense potential for future growth and diversification. 

Finally, the Benevolent Future pillar underscores QGB’s commitment to social responsibility and creating positive change. Through its partnering services, the company aims to contribute to the well-being of its stakeholders and the community. 

By combining its established strengths with a forward-thinking approach, QGB’s three-pronged strategy positions the company for a prosperous future, ensuring that all stakeholders benefit from its continued success. 

With the Big Future thrust, QGB placed strategic investments in mining and healthcare, revealing a future brimming with potential.  

The bold move in these two sectors has positioned QGB to capitalise on lucrative market opportunities, promising significant growth and returns. 

Banking on the mining business, QGB, in July 2022, sealed a 600-acre iron ore mining sites deal in Bukit Besi, Terengganu and in March 2023, another 100-acre deal in Seri Bandi, Terengganu. This strategic landholding grants the company access to a valuable resource, with iron ore being a vital component in various industries.   

Partnering in a joint venture worth RM30 billion, QGB stands to gain a substantial 13 per cent share, translating to significant revenue potential. Providing a timely boost, QGB currently has a stockpile of approximately 150,000 MT of iron ore ready for processing and export, coinciding with high prices of US$135 per metric tonne (MT) for grade 62 ore.  

Furthermore, technical scans reveal an estimated 1.5 million MT of additional iron ore reserves in Seri Bandi in Terengganu undergoing preparation for the mining process. This promising development positions the company to capitalise on the current favourable market conditions. 

Dr Muhamad Iqbal sees the project as being capable of generating lucrative income. 

“Such activity will also boost the domestic economy and increase employment opportunities for the locals,” he said. 

For the telecommunications sector, QGB, commanding a 0.3 per cent share, is well-placed to tap into the lucrative market potential in the booming Malaysian telecommunications market, estimated at a massive RM36.8 billion.   

Under Phase 1, QGB owns 59 telco towers strategically located in Klang Valley, Sabah, and Labuan for the telecommunications business segment, positioning the company in a solid position to capitalise on more new telco tenders. These towers operate under a 10-year renewable Network Facilities Provider (NFP) license, ensuring long-term stability.  

An additional 22 monopole structures are slated for completion by the third quarter (Q3) of 2024, further expanding the network’s reach. 

Beyond towers, QGB has invested RM15 million in developing KELNET, a fibre network operating centre in Kelantan. This strategic move strengthens network connectivity and positions QGB to capitalise on the growing demand for high-speed internet access.  

QGB aims to be a reliable player in the telecommunications landscape through a growing network, diversified revenue streams, and strategic partnerships. 

In the real estate development segment, QGB forged its presence with the 258-acre Digital Asian Halal Hub Industrial Park in Kedah.  

This project caters to the growing halal industry, offering a unique blend of industrial facilities and Islamic principles, attracting potential investors and businesses. 

QGB has invested in a 6-storey building dedicated to a Holistic Healthcare Centre in Johor, expanding its business horizon into healthcare. The company has taken a holistic approach with Phase 1 of the Medeseri Healthcare Johor Bahru project, offering diverse services and catering to the growing demand for integrative and alternative medicine solutions.  

This strategic investment positions QGB to tap into the booming healthcare market, estimated at RM72 billion in Malaysia. 

These strategic investments in mining and healthcare showcase QGB’s commitment to diversification and growth.  

By delving into the lucrative mining and healthcare industries, QGB positions itself to capture significant market share and generate substantial returns for its investors.  

The company’s well-rounded approach, encompassing established sectors like telecommunications and real estate, paints a promising picture for QGB’s future. 

Under the Benevolent Future thrust, QGB continues to chart progress and growth for the partnering services.  QGB provides financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), approved by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) for factoring services.  

QGB commands 0.2 per cent of the RM90 billion Development Expenditure allocation based on the Malaysian Government Budget 2024. This facilitation empowers SME businesses to thrive, contributing to economic growth and job creation. 

“QGB’s strategic investments in the booming Malaysian healthcare market, valued at RM72 billion, is expected to position the company to capitalise on promising opportunities and generate substantial returns for its shareholders.  

“This move, coupled with their expansion into the lucrative mining industry, showcases a commitment to diversification and growth.  

“By tapping into these sectors, QGB positions itself to capture significant market share and drive long-term success. Furthermore, the company’s established strength in telecommunications and real estate development creates a well-rounded foundation for a prosperous future, ensuring positive returns for investors,” Dr Muhamad Iqbal said. 

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