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Singapore AI marketing company,, Expands into North American Market , a leading generative AI marketing platform, headquartered in Singapore, is excited to announce its expansion into North America, with strategic partnership plans in the Philippines to follow suit.

Shalu Wasu, CEO and co-founder of

gimmefy stands out as a high-credibility player in the market, recognized by the IMDA
(Infocomm Media Development Authority) of Singapore. This endorsement, through the
IMDA Spark program, signifies gimmefy’s commitment to responsible AI development.

A regional partnership with Philippine’s ActivAsia group is also on the cards in the following weeks to bring a customized solution specifically for the Filipino market.

With a robust track record of success in the Asian market, gimmefy is now set to bring its
innovative AI-driven marketing solutions to North American businesses. The platform is built on the perfect marriage between advanced AI models and the best of marketing expertise. Essentially it’s built for and by marketers.

Shalu Wasu, gimmefy’s CEO and co-founder, is a seasoned marketer, both on the brand and
agency sides. He states, “What truly sets apart is our commitment to combining
the power of AI with the wisdom and experience of human marketers. gimmefy’s approach
ensures that content created by the platform is not only creative but also aligns perfectly with what friends in the marketing industry demands of us.”

Matt Fusco, a seasoned industry veteran, will spearhead gimmefy’s efforts in North America. As CEO, North America, Fusco will focus on building gimmefy’s overall presence,
assembling a dynamic team, and capitalizing on the substantial opportunities in the North
American market. His leadership will be pivotal in establishing as a key player in the generative AI marketing space.

“As the marketing landscape evolves, so do the needs of marketers. GPT-based solutions,
while offering an initial foray into AI-powered marketing, now struggle to deliver the
effectiveness, diversity, and speed demanded by today’s professionals,” said Matt Fusco. uses not just one, but multiple leading large language models (LLMs), combined
with the expertise of seasoned marketers. This potent blend fuels a platform equipped with
over 140 automated tasks and 9 specialized AI assistants, capable of generating diverse
content formats, multiple result sets, crafting captivating copy, and even assisting with
stunning visuals. is the next step in AI marketing, empowering marketers to
achieve exceptional results.

Added Fusco “Businesses and brands trying to be seen and heard in a market like North
America are particularly at an advantage. The North American landscape is diverse,
hyper-creative, and steeped in competition. With a marketing-specific AI partner like
gimmefy, there will be some positive disruption creatively, as well as a creation of
opportunities for marketing teams.”

gimmefy’s clients, including global names like SEK, IMDA, DBS, ActivAsia, Motul, and many more, rave about experiencing up to 90% savings in time and costs. Not surprisingly,
gimmefy is a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes, from small, resource-constrained
teams to large agencies managing multiple accounts.’s expansion into North America marks a significant milestone in its journey to
become a global leader in AI-powered marketing. The company’s commitment to innovation and customer success will continue to drive its growth and impact in the industry.

With Matt Fusco’s appointment, aims to build a talented team in North America
and partner with businesses to unlock new levels of engagement and growth through the
firm’s AI solutions.

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