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UCrest, MDC Asia Link Signs Agreement To Advance Digitalised AI In iMedic Platform

KUALA LUMPUR: Cloud hospital and mobile health services provider UCrest Bhd and MDC Asia Link Bhd (MDC)signed a business partnership agreement to digitalise the iMedic platform with artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).

UCrest Bhd chairman Eg Kah Yee said with the iMedic platform, dentists and health consultants would be able to develop a personalised dental health plan for each customer and proactively manage and service them.

MDC chief executive officer Dr Aslan Bacho said the company is leading the transformation of dental care services with the use of AI, IoT, 3D printing and digital technologies to provide customers with a level of care and services while
improving the clinic’s operation efficiency.

“We focus on taking care of children’s dental health, developing good dental habits from a young age and continuously managing them, giving them good dental health throughout their lifetime.

“With the digital technologies, customers can count on us to manage their dental health,” he said in a statement.

MDC is the first dental clinic chain in Malaysia or perhaps Asia to use AI, IoMT and 3D printing technologies to elevate the standard of care and provide better healthcare management services to customers.

MDC currently has 25 dental clinics, largely in the Klang Valley area, and is one of the largest dental clinic chains in the country.

Its special focus is on paediatric dental care for children and its general dentistry and orthodontic services.

The environment of the clinics is designed to be conducive to children with colourful settings and play areas, and the dentist and nurses are specially trained to handle children on the dental chairs.

The partnership’s objective is to raise the standard of care in the dental industry and provide patients with the highest level of care.

MDC will adopt the iMedic platform as the clinic management system (CMS).

MDC will also adopt 3D printing in the clinics to provide higher-quality dental products to its customers.

The machine learning of AI technologies in iMedic would help to analyse and diagnose images easily and more accurately.

MDC intends to deploy a fundus camera with AILab from UCrest in the clinics connecting to ophthalmologists to provide non-invasion diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy so that patients can seek diabetic treatment while treating periodontal diseases.

“With the iMedic platform, dentists and health consultants would be able to develop a personalised dental health plan for each customer and proactively manage and service them,” UCrest chairman Eg Kah Yee said.

“The AI technologies will be able to diagnose with high precision and predicting the development of the patient’s dental diseases, allowing early preventive measures to be taken,” he added.

iMedic is the leading digital health platform developed by UCrest and is currently used in multiple countries in Asia, the Middle East, and the United States (US).

iMedic leads the market with its IoMT and AI, which empower patients to manage their health better and increase the productivity of doctors and clinics through AI and automation.

iMedic connects to over 30 wireless medical devices, including ECG, blood pressure monitor, oximeter, ultrasound, BMI machines, CPAP, fundus cameras, etc.

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