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US-Based AeroFlexx Partners Dynapack Asia To Deliver Liquid Packaging Solutions Across The ASEAN Region

KUALA LUMPUR: US-based sustainable liquid packaging solutions provider AeroFlexx has established a strategic partnership with Indonesia-based Dynapack Asia to deliver liquid packaging solutions across the ASEAN region.

The partnership aims to introduce solutions that meet or exceed the extended producer responsibility (EPR) legislation requirements while creating delightful consumer experiences.

Dynapack Asia is an established and prominent manufacturer of packaging and components.

This is the first round of capacity expansion in what is anticipated to be a high-growth market as multinational corporations (MNCs) and regional customers adopt AeroFlexx for their sustainable liquid packaging needs.

With the rising demand for sustainable liquid packaging generated by the latest legislation, there are MNCs who continue to seek eco-friendly packaging solutions.

AeroFlexx, whose technology is a lightweight, flexible package designed to act like a rigid bottle and uses up to 85 per cent less virgin plastic than traditional rigid bottles, is bridging the region’s needs with packaging innovations built to advance sustainability.

AeroFlexx is uniquely positioned to grow with industry demand, presenting the potential to dramatically scale the business.

Dynapack Asia’s established presence in the region and long-term supply positions with MNCs and regional customers paired with AeroFlexx’s technology platform will introduce a viable solution to the plastic waste reduction efforts in the ASEAN to minimise the environmental footprint.

Dynapack Asia operates over 30 manufacturing sites across Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam.

This partnership also allows MNCs to grow sustainably globally, including in personal care, household products, and industrial markets in the region.

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